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Milano Bicocca

Activity at POCC (Payload Operation Control Center)

The group is involved in the AMS DATA position at POCC since the beginning of the mission due to its expertise in data manipulation and transfer. We started during the Shuttle flight, when the POCC was still at JSC, and our main tasks were realize some simple monitoring tools and use and monitor all the control programs of the DATA position. We were also involved in writing a (still) partially existing DATA shifter documentation, together with a simple user starting guide and a DATA procedures, for all newcomers (and LEAD) in this position, and we continue keeping all these documents updated. We also developed new programs for the AMS-Laptop cleaning procedure, in order to avoid loss of data due to lack of communication and permit data merging in the AMS SOC.

AMS-02 POCC is now located at CERN (Prevessin site):


AMS-02 POCC control room at CERN: